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After the Family Reunion is before the Family Reunion…

Dear Relatives,

Family Reunion 2025

I hope all of you had a safe trip home. It was a wonderful time that we were able to spend together. We will see each other in 2021 in Sweden, and maybe already in 2019 in Poland. No discussion nor decision is made yet for a family reunion in Germany in 2025, and maybe my cousins are already planning ahead of time. But in case not, for a backup, I did reserve Kloster Schoental from Thursday 29th, May 2025 until Sunday 1st, June 2025.


Family Reunion Fees 2017

There are two fees, one is related to Kloster Schöntal directly, one is for covering general cost.

Since some relatives did ask, I noticed that I only communicated beforehand the total cost at Kloster Schöntal, but not the details. In case you wondered what the Item “Gemeinkostenumlage” 60 Euros on the bill from Kloster Schöntal is all about? This is the shared coast to pay for the rent of the Festsaal, the exhibition room, the cake and coffee in the afternoons, the flowers, the guided tour, and so on.

The 40 Euros I collected I needed for the Tips, the Name Tags, the prints, the porto, renting equipment, the money for the organ player in the church, the flowers in the church, the donation we gave as a family to the church and so on…

If you have further questions, ask me.


Photos 2017

Please note: Do not make any pictures public or forward them, as long as you do not have written permission by the people on the pictures. Thank you. The pictures are only for the participants of the family reunion and for other Krusen* family members.

As promised I am collecting and will prepare for distributing all our photos from the family reunion. Depending on your prefered way of sending the pictures to me, pick something which is the most convenient for you:

  1. REAL
    Burn and sent a CD or USB-Stick to Nikolai von Krusenstiern, Schulstr. 39, 72147 Nehren, Germany
  2. CLOUD
    Safe the pictures in the Cloud and Share the folder with me. E.g. Google or Dropbox or use something like WeTransfer
    Or use the service / App I did set up at DaWaWas.
  4. MAIL
    If none of the above work for you, please send the pictures per mail to , however be aware that you might have to send photos in groups of 3 or 4 pictures per mail, since it might exceed the mail size limit.

If you have problems, let me know.


Updated documents

I will make available here updated documents ASAP:

  • Address-List of Participants
    • By Given Name
    • By Age
  • Family Tree


Love to all of you, I am so happy, and glad and thankful for the wonderful time we all were able to spend together.